Is Rock Dead? Or is Internet Streaming the way of the Future?

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With the coming of the New Year came a discreet transition on the Windsor-Detroit airwaves. What was previously broadcasted as Windsor’s 100.7 The Rock began broadcasting as 100.7 The Ticket ‘Lite FM’ offering sports news. Not only that, but Detroit’s 93.1 Doug FM recently transitioned into NASH … Continue reading

WHO is behind Dumb Starbucks?!

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The genius behind Dumb Starbucks reveals himself earlier this week

There was much hype over all forms of Social Media for the grand opening of the Dumb Starbucks in Los Filez , California. The shop operated as an ‘art gallery’ with the logic that a ‘Dumb’ Starbucks was a parody of the original Starbucks. There was line ups out the door for the first days that the shop was opened.

A tweet was posted to the official Dumb Starbucks twitter enticing the audience to visit the location to find out WHO was the owner of this parody franchise.

A significant crowd gathered for the announcement and comedian Nathan Fielder revealed himself of the creator of the parody coffee shop. Nathan Fielder currently has a show on Comedy Central called ‘Nathan For You’ and a new season is set to air soon. Comedy Central was apparently unaware of the stunt by an answer Fielder gave to the question “Did Comedy Central know? “. He simply answered “They do now.”

“By adding the word dumb we are legally allowed to use the coveted Starbucks name and logo, because we’ve fulfilled the minimum requirement to be considered a parody under U.S. law” the comedian explained.

What do you think about Nathan Fielder’s apparent attempt at promoting the upcoming season of his show?

Crackpipe Vending Machine: Harm-Reduction or Instigation?

Crackpipe Vending Machine: Harm-Reduction or Instigation? Vancouver, British Columbia has recently erected the first two ‘crack pipe’ vending machines in the city’s downtown east side by the DURC organization. $0.25 for a durable and sanitary Pyrex crack pipe. A representative … Continue reading